French bulldogs were bred with the intention of being companion animals; they were never intended as being working dogs or athletes, and as a breed they have held true to this form. This makes the French Bulldog a very good choice for families who have more time to spend loving and being near their pet and less time exercising away excess energy.

As the ideal ‘house dog’, the French Bulldog is often chosen for its relatively low-maintenance and easily met daily demands. As such, families often need to know how well a new French Bulldog will fit in with the rest of a household’s inhabitants.

French Bulldogs And Kids

For families with children, this is the ultimate question when choosing a family dog; rightfully so in the best interest of the child(ren) as well as the pet.

Generally speaking, French Bulldogs are good with children. They are a playful breed, but are not overly energetic and cannot physically handle extended periods of play and exertion. Play outside must be controlled and monitored to ensure the French Bulldog does not develop difficulty breathing due to over exertion; also, French Bulldogs are very prone to heat-related stress, and so they cannot handle periods of rough or extended play outside in the heat.

It is also recommended that a French Bulldog be introduced to a household with children at a young age. French Bulldogs who are raised with kids tend to do better, and an older dog that is not used to children may become irritated and frustrated easily.

It should be noted that French Bulldogs are not especially tolerant of the occasional knocks or careless treatment that children may impose (even children who ‘know better’).

All in all, the French Bulldog is better suited to more mature households, but will do well with proper upbringing and guidance for both child and dog. If your intention is to give your child an energetic playmate that can spend hours out in the yard with them, however, the French Bulldog is not a good choice.

French Bulldogs And Other Pets

French bulldogs are not especially fond of other pets, but, as with children, if they are introduced to them early in their life, they can at least accept and tolerate them. You shouldn’t expect your French Bulldog to be great friends with other household members, but they will probably not cause them harm. French Bulldogs are independent animals that love the undivided attention of their owners and do not especially love to share it. These dogs do very well without other pets and playmates.

French Bulldogs And Other Dogs

The French Bulldog’s opinion on other dogs is similar to that of living with other pets. In pairs these dogs can do very well, but not necessarily if introduced too late in life. Largely, your French Bulldog’s acceptance and tolerance of other dogs will depend on the other dog. It is recommended that you supervise interactions until you know how your French Bulldog will react to another canine, and possibly let dogs get to know each other through the protection of a play fence or x-pen.

Overall, French Bulldogs are capable of living in harmony with children and other pets. The key to building successful relationships is to allow the French Bulldog to take other household members on their own terms (although never allowing abuse or fighting) and respecting the Frenchie’s boundaries.