All dogs need chews and toy to occupy their minds and mouths. Some breeds have more specific needs than others such as the French Bulldog.

Bringing Home A French Bulldog Puppy, Arm Yourself

As a breed, and especially in comparison to other high-maintenance dogs, French Bulldogs are not particularly destructive. They are still dogs, however, and dogs have a need to chew to ease teething pain and keep them occupied. Intelligent breeds like the French Bulldog often show a stronger need to chew to exercise their brains. As a responsible pet owner, it is your job to provide safe and appropriate things your dog can chew and teach them what is off-limits.

Chewing is a need of dogs throughout both babyhood and adult life. The need is exacerbated in puppyhood when teething and increased energy make the dog want to find a method of pain and boredom relief.

Along with providing good outlets for chewing, French Bulldog puppies need to be crated or otherwise penned when left unsupervised. The reason for this is two-fold; 1) you don’t want your French Bulldog chewing your furniture, and 2) you don’t want your dog choking on something they chew on while you are gone.

Before you bring your French Bulldog puppy home, stock up on safe chews, toys, and treats for your puppy. Have plenty in a variety on hand so when puppy becomes bored with one (or devours it) you’ll have another to occupy their attention.

Choosing Safe Chews And Toys For Your French Bulldog

French Bulldogs have wide mouths. This means that things much larger than what they can safely swallow will fit in them. And the French Bulldog is notorious for thinking they can swallow the largest of items. Not only does this mean you have to be careful of what you leave at dog-eye level, but it also means that some types of chews present more danger to this breed of dog than others.

Nylabone products and rawhides are not the best choice for your French Bulldog. If you do choose to give these items to your French Bulldog, only allow them to have them when you are home and close by to supervise. The baked pig’s ears that are so well loved by dogs also can be a big threat to your French Bulldog. These items become soft when chewed and can ball-up; when your French Bulldog tries to swallow them, they can easily become lodged and choke the animal.

Harder, larger items that are not easily chewed down to small size and will not fit entirely in a French Bulldog’s mouth are better choices for these dogs. You will also find that French Bulldogs love to cuddle, so a few good stuffed animals are also a good choice. Stuffed animals with squeakers are particularly entertaining for French Bulldogs.

For more tips on choosing chews and toys for your new French Bulldog, talk to the breeder before you bring the dog home. Find out what the dog seems to like and what the breeder recommends as safe for the breed they (should) know so well. Keep your assortment plentiful and full of variety, and your French Bulldog will be a happy dog indeed.